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Arabi Do Vize Amerikane

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> : Arab in US embassy for visa



> > Consul: What is your name?

> > Arab: Abdul Aziz

> > Consul: Sex?

> > Arab: Six to ten times a week

> > Consul: I mean, male or female?

> > Arab: Both male and female and sometimes even camels.

> > Consul: Holy cow!

> > Arab: Yes, cows and dogs too!!!!

> > Consul: Man,........ isn't it hostile

> > Arab: Horse style, dog style, any style

> > Consul: Oh.......... dear!

> > Arab: Deer? No deer, they run too fast

> >


uuuuu sa kam qesheee



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:( ... mos kam ra ne një forum te Ku Klux Klan ëh ??? :o

soprano qenke shume fanatik... ka arab mylsyman po edhe te krishtere ndaj mos i shiko gjerat me fanatizem


At here ky qenka Racizëm, me vjen keq po kjo s'quhet ndryshe. Dhe s'ka lidhje me "fanatizëm".

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